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Exposition 2: KLETS

Kopie van klets.jpg

In June I organized my second exposition. I was in charge of the same team as the one from the Lieveling exhibition, Doing this for the second time it was a lot easier for me to organize the event and divide tasks.
This time the subject was Interaction. Both the interaction between artists and public and the interaction between public and presented work were the central focuspoints of the evening. That arose into a great variaty of works: Paintings, an installation you could go inside of and a performance that was done outside all came together.
Even the poster itself plays a key role in representing this subject: because it is printed on transparent plastic sheets it is seethrough, which means that it will blend in with its background. That gives this poster a very interesting look and an extra dimension, because with every background it'll look different. 

Image by Dian van Vucht and Thomas Dekker.

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