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Thomas Dekker

Visual Designer

Hi, I am Thomas Dekker, I'm 21 years old. I'm from Eindhoven, and right now I am studying my 4th year Graphic and Spatial Design at the AKV St. Joost in 's Hertogenbosch. As this is my first study I am still exploring all the posibillities in the Design field and beyond.

You can see that in the big variaty of work and projects featured in this portfolio. I already found out I focus my work more on spatial design, as I feel this creates more direct contact with the public than graphic design. That is also why this portfolio is more focused on spatial design projects. Even though I don't want focus only on spatial design, so I also feature work on graphic and photographic projects and more in this Portfolio.

As well as creating work that makes people think about their surroundings using installations or performances, I also want to keep making new work for me personally. All of this together is what makes me who I am and I'm always open to expand that vision.

Please have a look at my CV
while you are on this page anyway :)

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