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First exposition: LIEVELING

Ongekend is an art collective started by students from AKV St.Joost in 2018. Soon after I joined as well because I wanted to learn more about organizing and constructing expositions.
After almost a year of involvement I got the chance to organize an exposition by myself, leading a small team. 
The subject of this exposition was 'Lieveling,' Preciuos, in English.  All the artists that we chose who could exhibit their work had to come up with a personal 'precious', in connection to work that they wanted to exhibit. This made for an exhibition with a great personal touch from the artists themselves. 

As I organized this exposition I now know how this works and what it means to be a team leader. I also learned to network and to keep in touch with people that are involved, from the artists themselves to location renters.

I hope to organize many more events in the future, because I really like to be a team leader and work together with many people and organizations to get the maximum results out of expositions or other events.

All images by Jim van den Berg, Donata Meijer and Thomas Dekker.

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