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they see you

A visual impact about social security is what I wanted to create with this project. I designed two posters acknowledging social security in my area.  

Studying the security cameras on busy public places such as train stations, I took photos on the main trainstations of Eindhoven and
's Hertogenbosch. I wanted to create a series of photos showing the almost extreme amount of security cameras present to 'secure travelers/ public safety.' 

Taking the first two images got me a good insight of how sensitive this subject really is. While I was photographing the security camera from up close, the police was alerted. They wanted to see my ID card and the images I took. They literally told me "It is because of the privacy of the public that you cannot take any pictures."
"Meanwhile you can film people all day in name of social security?" I replied.
They did not answer. 
I think after all I was lucky that I could keep the photos I took and it goes to show how delicate the subject of social security really is.

I also went to the Brussels main station so I could compare the number of cameras present in the main station of Holland (Amsterdam Central Station) and Belgium (Brussels Central Station). It turned out the Amsterdam Central Station had almost 5 times the amount of camera's present in Brussels.
This project's main focus was on the documentation and photography of social security in public places.

All images by Thomas Dekker.

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