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Visual project 'Around the Corner'

Around the Corner tells a story about how we experience our surroundings constantly, as well as miss out on much information because we don't directly see it. 
Around the Corner features an installation with a mirror in it, turned in a 45° angle. This gives the user a direct view on a part of their surroundings that they usually can't directly see. Because this installation works to look physically around a corner as well as in the middle of the street, it can be used everywhere. 

It's interesting to see how various people use the installation in their own way. Some do look around a corner, and others wave at each other. User experience is a very important factor in this project.

The shape of the installation is based on a voting booth, which provides the user with more privacy.

This interactive installation worked really well in the public space. People were interested by the shape of it and wanted to try for themselves how they would experience their surroundings. That created a variaty of reactions and different ways to use the installation. 


All images by Thomas Dekker.

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