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stoeptegel project

The stoeptegel project is my most important project yet. It shows a very clear view on what I want to achieve with design interventions that have simplicity and user experience as focus. 

This project started with the subject of 'image problems.' At first I was thinking way to complicated  about the subject, but gradually my thoughts led me to a rather simple subject: pavement tiles. These objects have a big image problem: they are used every day, they are cheap to make and easy to use and place. They create a solid surface to walk on and there are a lot of them, yet we aren't aware of using them. Blindly we walk right on top of them every day and sometimes even spit on them. I think that's quite an image problem that needs to be sorted out.

I started to think of ways to 'elevate' the image of pavement. Literally. To make people aware of the presence of pavement they need to experience it in a different way, be confronted with it. Therefore I raised some of the stones in the streets. These actions were in direct contact with the public on the street and it became a performance of sorts.
Many of the people who walked by and saw me working wanted to know more about what I was doing and asked me about it. I got lots of positive reactions of people saying they look at pavement differently now. With such reactions I realised that I cleared the image problem of pavement: people are more aware now!


Images by Lisanne van Goor and Thomas Dekker.

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